Revolution Against Resolutions: How to Stick to the “New You”

I could start this post bashing the industry in which I love but Ill make a simple statement… Just as the holidays promote spending money out of genuine love and care for others, many brands and companies profit from toying with our emotions. This too happens with the New Year health craze. Diet plans and gym… Read More Revolution Against Resolutions: How to Stick to the “New You”

Pain and Rehab

Arlington, VA is home to many active millenials and with great activity comes great impact. In the era where multiple studio memberships and scenic DMV runs have become life, the balance of healthy joints may have been compromised.. at least for me. I am a personal trainer, coach, boxer, yogi, barre-ista, amateur lifter AND stomach sleeper.  Sweat… Read More Pain and Rehab

Ain’t No Party, like #TheHIITParty

it’s a HIIT! High intense interval training. The new wave of bootcamp cross-training storming the nation. Friday night, hearts pounding, sweat pouring, muscles screaming and music blaring, Soundcheck DC is flooded with DC’s funnest fitness fanatics. Mastermind behind the HIIT Party is Serge Sejour, or TrainWithSerge. Serge is a very good friend of mine, former… Read More Ain’t No Party, like #TheHIITParty


Took my first trip to THE 504 this weekend!  Rich culture of jazz, celebration and SEAFOOD! Ive never been to Louisiana but luckily my travel buddies have both visited before :] happy birthday Teresa!! NOLA hosted this year’s NBA Allstar tournament. An exciting competition of dunks, three-point shootouts, fundraising and coastal rivalry from some our… Read More NOLA