Revolution Against Resolutions: How to Stick to the “New You”

I could start this post bashing the industry in which I love but Ill make a simple statement…

Just as the holidays promote spending money out of genuine love and care for others, many brands and companies profit from toying with our emotions. This too happens with the New Year health craze. Diet plans and gym memberships are on sale but the success rate just doesn’t match the revenue….

So what keeps this time of year genuine and productive?


As the “New Year, New Me” mantra has overtaken your timeline, you may have thought- “What will I improve on this year??” This is normal.

However, we cannot allow ourselves to make crazy, RANDOM goals just based on seasonal surroundings.


One would hope that the resolution always stem from better health and happiness… Happiness is fleeting and we are constantly chasing the idea of it, not realizing it is attainable at any given time. Often times with goals, we are so caught up in getting there that we aren’t present during the journey and we are less happy with the present. So here are some tips on how to get there once and for all… Oh and a friendly reminder to slow down a bit and live :]

  1. WHY?

    Always be clear and set on WHY you would like to achieve this/these goals. Dig deep, where are you emotionally with this?

  2. PLAN:

    Make a game-plan. use a timeline based on your starting point and your deadline. Deadlines are the reason goals are hit and not put on the back-burner. Trouble shoot events, travel, visits from friends that may be a challenge and plan how to stay on track. Ladies, I LOVE you can check out some cute planners here. Gentlemen: Plan here. THE-HAPPY-PLANNER

  3. SQUAD:

    Gather your accountability/support group. For example, If you find that social activity stands in your way, you’ve got to let your crew know it’s time to get social on some healthier standards. If this doesn’t work- try meeting new people in the environment you wish to be in. Without support and the right community, we are truly alone and this works against us in so many ways. You can never go wrong with Meetup!



    Yes you’ve set a goal and you know why and when and with who… But are there realms of this goal that you haven’t yet explored? In hopes of having a better physique and becoming an influencer, I’ve simultaneously stumbled across new studios, workouts and plans of putting these great fitness leaders and entrepreneurs on a platform to be discovered. Trust me, it doesn’t end there, curiosity can take you so far that you’ll hit your original goals and not even realize it because you’re constantly engaged. No link, just let your imagination take you there 😉


    You’ve got plenty to be thankful for… DWELL on these things. It’s about what you have, not what you have not. Moreover- all victories small or large must be acknowledged. Share this with others! If you’ve hit a milestone in your fitness journey, say it out loud to SOMEONE! Take a minute to smile about it, think of how good it feels, notice how rewarding it is to be able to see results in more than one way. nuboxx112017-221

  3. SHARE:


    Not all goals are the same, but your determination and will-power- if shared, would inspire many people in many ways. Not all of us are social media queens, but a private conversation with someone close works well too.It is fulfilling to accomplish things ourselves but to help someone else start (or get through) their journey creates #7… *Drum Roll*


    YES, you’ve done it. You’re doing it. But will you continue? Once complacency sets in, or you’ve gotten a bit busy or life throws a sprained ankle at you (knock on wood), what’s to keep you going? On these  journeys, we often gain knowledge or strength but lose purpose. Remember that your goal of self-improvement also improves relationships, careers, and general interactions with OTHERS. So whatever personal path you are on, your purpose coincidentally is to improve relationships with others. Be a living example of happiness and improve someone else’s day. At the very least, you contribute good vibes– It doesn’t take any extra time to be nice, just genuine self-worth.


I know I got bold on these bullets. Now get bold and hit your goals. Feel free to hit me up if you’re looking for more pointers!



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