Fly ‘n’ Fit

Let me paint this picture for you. You sign in and walk into a beautiful spa bathroom to change into your conveniently provided Lululemon gear. You are then greeted by ambient,  bright lighting and it’s almost as if the toilet is waving to you, as it automatically opens upon your arrival.

You sit down to quickly use the restroom and are greeted with the warmest, welcoming seat. YES, heated toilet seat. I sat for a few more seconds than I’d regularly sit. This, among MANY other amenities left such a lasting, positive impression on me when I visited the new gym in BWI Airport: ROAM Fitness

Recently I crossed through the security gate into the most convenient thing I may have ever come across in my health and wellness journey. This fitness-for-travel concept ranks up there with shaker bottles, meal prep service and sweaty garment bags- its genius and stress free!!

Among the most common obstacles in healthy living and consistent exercise is TRAVEL. Sometimes it’s for work, sometimes for play- either way, planning is done around flights, ubers, pre and post commute activities and workouts take the biggest L.

With ROAM, you are supplied clothing along with your day pass or MEMBERSHIP! Not just any clothes, but high quality Lululemon apparel and Brooks sneakers to sweat-it-out in. When you’re done, ROAM will take care of the dirty laundry. Wanna wear your own stuff? The facility will vacuum seal your garments to ensure they fit in your carry-on. What?

The facility offers clothing for sale from Lulu as well, just in case you’re ready for new threads in a new town.



The spa showers offer comfortable atmosphere and the ability to take off fresher than ever. They are cleaned after every use. The vanity offers soaps, lotions, mouthwash- you name it- they got it for you. Convenience on a thousand.


The Equipment/ Space:


ROAM has:



 Two Treadmills

A SkillMill 

An Eliptical

Two bikes


There are also plenty of yoga blocks, mats, medicine balls, plyo steps, and resistance bands for functional training as well! Playground is an understatement.



Roam will be there when travel plans get tricky. Having the option to get to the airport early and THEN get a great worry-free workout in is a game changer for so many people! Currently you can buy a pass for yourself and take advantage of their great holiday promo.This is a great stocking stuffer and gesture over the holidays!

Check this place out, they are incredible! Let me know how your visit was!!


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