Pain and Rehab

Arlington, VA is home to many active millenials and with great activity comes great impact. In the era where multiple studio memberships and scenic DMV runs have become life, the balance of healthy joints may have been compromised.. at least for me. I am a personal trainer, coach, boxer, yogi, barre-ista, amateur lifter AND stomach sleeper.
 Sweat is life and balance is key. But somewhere in between down dog and drop sets, my kinetic chain did the Bernie.


Over time, discomfort in my left knee went from achey-irritating, to just plain painful. I decided to visit @arlingtonpainandrehab for treatment after a visit Dr. Josh paid to OTF Pentagon City’s members. Dr. Josh is incredibly patient and thorough and i’ve heard great things from fellow trainers and athletes in the area. From the moment I laid on the table, I knew this is what would bring me back to functional posture. The process of reversing postural or muscular compensation is always long when it comes to backing off of beloved activities. For me these activities have been 4+ months without running or jumping and even a couple months off of pivoting and footwork. Treatment at this practice made me want to take all necessary action..or in this case, breaks.

Alongside with those wonderful adjustments, we began therapeutic massage and Stim. Once my hamstring proved to be extremely stubborn, we then moved to cupping.

This gave me much more range of motion but still not exactly pain free joint movement. We started with plain suction, then added some movement…

Next step was Dry Needling: Painful yet amazing.

Here is where I’ve seen THE MOST improvement. Here are my second and most recent (4th) dry needling sessions. This last one includes some stim after needles were inserted. Plain old pain is miserable. This pain, is worth it… Once the needle hits the trigger point, I’m satisfied (although whimpering) knowing it will promote healing to these stubborn hard working muscles.

Here Ill be sharing progress regarding my knee pain and range of motion. But if you are personally feelin stiff or achey you can learn more about Josh, Allie and the incredible Arlington Pain and Rehab Team at 




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