Tales Of Tulum

Blogging is new and exciting for me, but aside from this gig… I still train and coach 40+ hrs a week and I gotta tell ya- I get tired.

Last week I was reminded that this hard work pushes me toward my five and ten year plans… But if i don’t take a breather, I wont make it another five days! Who’s to say a vacation needs to be booked months or years in advance? 


I looked at my budget, then looked at my next pay day and estimated incoming pay for that check.. Looked like I had some wiggle room and could still visit whole foods the next week! I set my total trip budget and went to work on Bookit.com. Now.. Mexico was cheaper (at an all-inclusive resort) than a few days just a few hours south in Miami! Say no more.. I hopped on a plane with 1 bag and 1 carry-on (I HATE BAGGAGE CLAIM so sacrifices were made). Bumpin Drake on spotify I grabbed my passport, about eight bikinis, three skirts, two tanks, two pairs of shorts and one shiny pair of boxing gloves-I was ready :]. OH, cant forget sunblock and tanning oil  (because they run for about 1 million dollars at the resorts and airport). So with some shitty American Airline help… I finally went from 40 degree weather to a sweet 80 degree beach in Catalonia Royal Tulum’s romantic resort (six hours late thanks to the ladies at gate B6 AA flight 884 #JUSTSAYIN). Here are some shots from the brilliant Dawson Saint Jour:

Victoria’s Secret should probably bring back swimwear.


Did I mention I only had 2 cocktails in 4 days?!
I never laid in the hammock but it still gave me life
For the first time ever, i had a rockstar moment.

All pool and fountain slayin aside… If true rest is what you crave, theres no shame in taking a break from work annnd working out. Most days I snuck my activity in by walking fast on the beach (sand is no joke- better than reebok RunTones lol),  swimming around the pool and kayaking (all free!). 

However, boxing is life and Journey to the Ring (coming to a YouTube near you) dont pause for Mexico. Here’s a sweet vid we filmed over a 90 min workout. With some snapshots of my 30 min gym circuit after..

One good day of intense sweat had my mind at ease and I was still able to return after 4 days rejuvenated! 

About 30 min of mitt work: 

About 30 minutes of weighted exercises:

Bodyweight Dips

The “push” movement covers lots of core and major muscles of the upper extremeties. Here i went for 4 sets of 8-10 reps

Decline situps with rotation

An incredible core workout which provides me with extra ROM to challenge my entire midsection, hip flexors AND quads. 4 sets of 20 reps (total).

Bent over dumbell rows

These rows engage my hamstrings with the backwards shift of my hips. Slightly bending forward engages the entire back but puts emphasis on the “pulling” motion of the upper extremities. 4 sets of 25lbs x 20 reps.

In that order I bang out the 3 exercises back to back with little to no rest. I used the sunshine to push my pace ( didnt wanna lose daylight!)

Then it was back to the shore:

And then it was dinner time :]

balance- is key.

Best meal of the day was definitely breakfast. 😍 The trip to get there had me feelin like Dora The Explorer. I rendezvoused with the Coatis, the birds and the iguanas which lived on the resort peacefully. This was not their first rodeo, they probably eat more table food than american pups. Not to mention they all had a scheduled time to perform lol. 

7:00 am: Bird call

8:00 am coatis:

At this point I was nervous 😂😅

Anytime after noon: Sunbathing Iguanas 

They like raisins. 😎

I hope you read this and thought, “this could be me next week, or next month or TOMORROW- and I dont have to sacrifice healthy living or my entire budget”. I had a great time and the resort was amazing and quiet with plenty of activity and welcoming areas. I will definitely return to Playa Del Carmen..soon😉

One thought on “Tales Of Tulum

  1. This was a great read. Playa Del Carmen is definitely on my list not. I need to take my Jessica there. Your mitt work is looking crisp. Foot work getting good too. I look forward to seeing your continued progression.


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