Ain’t No Party, like #TheHIITParty

it’s a HIIT!

High intense interval training. The new wave of bootcamp cross-training storming the nation. Friday night, hearts pounding, sweat pouring, muscles screaming and music blaring, Soundcheck DC is flooded with DC’s funnest fitness fanatics.

Mastermind behind the HIIT Party is Serge Sejour, or TrainWithSerge. Serge is a very good friend of mine, former NFL player, gym director, HU Bison and club promotor in the DC area. Serge has always brought the fun and always been into fitness but now aims to blend the two in the club and gym scene. Who says you cant reach your goals and still let loose every now and then? With venues like Penn Social, Blind Whino, Capitale, and finally Soundcheck- the @wetrainwith squad has brought a healthy, energetic private party to these scenes and everybody’s VIP.

This workout starts with sponsors like Core Water, ThriveCryo, OTF, Organo, The Chelsea Collective and a few others spreading health and wealth with products and info on their brands. Once the participants enter, they’re greeted with a swag bag and loud tunes from a legit DMV DJ. They’re then welcome to join into the intro activities like yoga/stretching and picture/snapchat stations. The real party starts when Serge and his #fitfam storm the room and hype up the crowd. Quick demos, circuits and even QUICKER breaks cause the hour to fly by- all while dancing, singin and sweatin- the vibes are incredible. The @twsathletes and Serge are friendly, silly, strong and encouraging. They’re constantly running around, joining in on the moves, correcting form and demanding 100% effort from all participants. They never forget to find you after a circuit and tell you, “you did the damn thing” (insert daps here).

The fun doesn’t stop there, post bootcamp is the HIIT Happy Hour. The TrainWith Crew provides a healthy cocktail (a low cal, flavorful Core Organic beverage with fresh fruit and flavorless vodka) to each particpant. The floor opens up for a meet and greet and gives out healthy bites and sips of meal prep service/ protein/ coffee and tea from our vendors. The family atmosphere grows each and every time and everyone connects over social media and general plans to meet at the next HIIT event. Of all the bootcamps and workouts the DMV provides, theres nothing like the culture of fitness and partying TWS brings. It shows us all that we can live the life we want to, in a healthy, social way. That’s how you make it a lifestyle!


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