Self-Massage, Not As Romantic Yet Very Effective.

The art known as myofascial release originated in physical therapy and grew popular in the gym scene over the last 6 or so years. At least, that’s when it became relevant in my gym so thats that.. Of course we all love a good massage from a strong stranger in a professional setting but its not in the daily budget for most of us.

Foam rolling triggers muscle relaxation of the golgi tendon organ ( in charge of the neuromuscular response which releases muscles from tension). Now, they can be tense for a number of reasons- not just injury or overuse- but to reverse the process takes twice as long as it took to get there. Hence why they are available outside of the doctor’s office (amazonnnn)… Here are ways in which we can eliminate knots and adhesions around our bods.

Keep in mind:

– Not a sexy or comfortable activity

– We should apply as much pressure to these knots and adhesions as we can. Man up!

– This takes time, consistency and patience.

– Blood flow and neurological response will improve from this therapy.

– Rolling out on hardwood makes for nice pics but was an awful experience in general lol i grabbed a mat for a moment.

Upper Back:

Beginning just below the shoulder blades with the tummy tight will allow for the spine to be protected and both sides of the upper back to catch some pressure. Use the hips (glutes off the ground) to navigate thru upward and downward motion. I like to roll over my lower traps/ rhomboids with my elbows closed toward my face. This allows those knots hiding beneath the shoulder blades to be brought to justice.  In this picture i kept elbows open just to show you how much I enjoy said knots. 😦

Lower Back:

Not that its relevant but the appearance of that deltoid made me smile :] (progress!) The spine is the midpoint of our backs so we must avoid it by leaning to one side or the other for lower back relief. Staying close to the spine with the roll is important. This muscle (erector spinae) aligns both sides of our vertibrae and controls back flexion and extension. So it collects knots like a sidewalk collects gum. Hang out there for a while.


On hand or forearm, begin on the outer side of the thigh just above the knee being careful not to lock the joint. Gently/slowy roll downward toward the outer edge of the glute. Crying isnt frowned up0n. This muscle is overused and overlooked by many. Soon, I’ll post how to recognize compensation caused by adhesions in this area. Soon.


Least convenient in my opinion bc youve gotta lift yourself up (lazy lol). Lift le glutes- hips in seated position, start just above the ankle and roll downward toward the bottom portion of the knee. Crossing 1 leg over the other helps create the necessary torture- i mean, pressure.

The Mighty Glute:
Cross the ankle over the knee and hover the top leg’s glute over the roll. Lean over and into the painful spots with no mercy.

The Quads: Plank out with the core tight starting from above the knee and patiently roll downward until you reach just below the hip bone.

These pics are everywhere lol but I recommend beginning from calves up! Remember, we don’t have to work out to create muscular tension. Myofascial release can improve posture, blood flow, and discomfort from many other sources. Its the pressure this body needs, but not the one it deserves. If you dont get that reference- Shame on you.

Shot by @thatsaintlife

Makeup: @tea.em.see31


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