There seems to be a kickass workout on the rise. Boxing and kickboxing studios are popping up on every corner in the DMV and I couldn’t be more excited to see this trend grow in the female community.


shot at the washington monument with na2f Films

I began boxing about 11 months ago and it’s become an obsession.. a healthy one :]

I visited a UFC gym in Arlington twice in 2015 and sadly, although the coach was great, the gym as a whole was incredibly unprofessional and unwelcoming so I kept liftin and left that place alone. One year later I was approached by a complete stranger in Gold’s Gym and asked if I’d like to try boxing. He noticed my love for a challenging functional workout and asked me to join him and the rest is history!


I began with the urgency to learn to defend myself and then suddenly I was in a chess game I couldn’t quit playing. This sport is pure art. Great boxers are patient, technical, disciplined and resilient. Exactly what I aspire to be in all aspects of my life. Not only can boxing save you from a beatdown… It can also save you from being excessively fat, bored with your workout routine, hot-headed and impulsive or even terminally defeated. This sport gets your heart and mind racing, your body moving like and agile animal and the power you generate with developed technique and efficiency is incredible. I cant think of a better way to burn some cals and create your own destiny.

Thanks All Or Nothing Studios!

I love the skill I’ve developed and my coach KNOWS HIS SHIT. That alone is inspiring and exciting. I aspire to step in the ring one day because I have to know that everything I’ve put to motion can be used to conquer my opponent’s mind and body. Every single punch has a defensive move attached and a counter move/ combination. Boxers are makin plays for three straight minutes. We are constantly reading our opponents behavior and adjusting to their tendencies- all while staying true to our own style. It’s muscle memory at its finest! Where art meets war…


Even if you never step in a ring, I believe it’s necessary to understand how to defend yourself with dignity and respectable technique- not just wild swinging and scratching (worldstar!) Whatever your reason for pickin up a pair of gloves, just know-it’ll be hard to put em down!




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