Took my first trip to THE 504 this weekend!  Rich culture of jazz, celebration and SEAFOOD! Ive never been to Louisiana but luckily my travel buddies have both visited before :] happy birthday Teresa!!

NOLA hosted this year’s NBA Allstar tournament. An exciting competition of dunks, three-point shootouts, fundraising and coastal rivalry from some our the nation’s favorite players. And a faithful attendee of my classes at OTF gave me tickets! Winnin.

Begniets for lunch 😍 #CafeBegniet 

We smashed or whateva.

Strolls down the french quarter


Potent isnt the word. Tastes like liquorice performs like what i assume a roofie would be like lol. 125proof.  We split that one.

Babes who brunch

We heard #therubyslipper multiple times and assumed it was touristy. There was one on ever corner it seemed. But not for no reason. This place was amazing 😍 i got an omelette both days (yes both), which was great but the sides… the biscuit (mouth waters) the fresh corned beef hash, pig candied bacon?! I havent had real bacon in ages and that thick slice covered in brown sugar and what seemed to be crack cocaine almost made me relapse. I 100% did relapse for coffee though (it runs my thoughts again) their joe is their own special blend #fairtradeorganic (pinky all the way up!) So good 😍😍😍 Needless to say, id go back and get the same things twice…so should you.

Overall, a fun city.  I give NOLAs charm and style much appreciation after what its been thru post katrina. Definitely will visit again!

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